Wear without Worry - Classy Rags for Big Fun Bags

WWB (Women With Boobs) addresses an overlooked area of women’s fashion: stylish tops and shirts that accommodate D and DD bra sizes, without being large everywhere else.

“Being big in the bust doesn’t necessarily mean a woman is large all over – and there are plenty of women who fall into this group,” says Neroli Hajinakitas the designer and entrepeneur behind WWB. “We have people who are DD in the bust, yet take a size 8. As you can imagine, it’s not easy to find tops or shirts that fit at the bust without looking like a sack elsewhere.”

“Breastfeeding women are another overlooked market. Maternity wear is designed to accommodate mum plus baby, not the breastfeeding woman whose body is of course quite different.” says Neroli.

WWB has stylish and beautifully made shirts and tops in sizes from 8 to 20, in fittings for D and DD bustlines. In keeping with their designer’s experience with custom-made clothing, WWB customers have a choice of sleeve and collars/necklines styles for each design which comes in several colour choices. The styles are both classic and contemporary and appeal most to women in their mid 20s to 55+.

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